Tilda fabrics are designed by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger.
Best known for whimsical prints and colour combinations, Tilda fabric collections appeal to the young at heart.

  • Tilda Hometown

    Tilda Hometown (20)

    Drawings of neighbourhoods, houses, gardens and gatherings in Autumn colours are perfect for your homey quilts and projects. The collection has a mix of patterns brought together by a sprinkled look that will make them seem to interlace in a patchwork.
  • Tilda Pie in the Sky

    Tilda Pie in the Sky (26)

    Pie in the Sky will be shipping February 2023. Pre-order today for guaranteed shipping. Pie in the Sky is a wonderful collection, an invitation to all of us to create with our full sensibility!
  • Tilda Chambray

    Tilda Chambray (7)

    A collection of beautiful quilt quality Chambray fabrics. Woven with a coloured weft and a white warp, the Chambray collection has a soft, rustic appearance resembling linen.
  • Tilda Cotton Beach

    Tilda Cotton Beach (18)

    “Cotton Beach felt like the perfect name for a coastal cotton fabric collection. Shells, coral reefs and sea anemones are some of the motifs that inspired the mixed style designs. Colours vary from purples to dark and light corals, sandy greys, light and green teals and blues, and yellows to represent sunshine.
  • Tilda Kits

    Tilda Kits (9)

    Quilt kits and Tilda's friends
  • Bon Voyage

    Bon Voyage (21)

    Inspired by tiles and pottery from travels to distant shores, the designers love for ceramics is apparent in the Bon Voyage collection. Colours are made softer than you would often see in pottery to be more in keeping with the Tilda concept.
  • Happy Campers

    Happy Campers (7)

    Soft colours reminiscent of vintage linens in yellow, blue, teal and pink.
  • Plum Garden

    Plum Garden (16)

    Soft plums, juicy peach and yummy chocolate colours -
  • Tilda Lazy Days

    Tilda Lazy Days (12)

    Tilda Lazy Days Collection is limited to fat 1/4s only.
  • Tilda's Buttons

    Tilda's Buttons (5)

    We really enjoy the cute textile buttons on vintage button cards, and besides the obvious uses they make great spring and summer jewellery.